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Dante Beatrix has been our “go to” place for fabulous eco chic baby gear for awhile now …their recycled backpacks are a well known fave of celeb mommy Marcia Cross.  Now this NY based company has started making lunch bags and suitcases to keep stylish kids and moms looking great wherever they may be going.  We’ve been toting our tots clothes and must have toys in Dante’s green dinosaur wheelie bag all summer.  So modern yet it still has a whimsical look so it’s quite appealing to the wee ones as well.  We love how sturdy and tough it is.  The colors are bold and the characters Dante creates are magical.  We also have one of their new lunch boxes and it goes just about everywhere with us.  It’s insulated and free of all those nasty phalates and PCVs…who needs that stuff anyway?  What we really like is how easy this lunch box is to clean…a momma’s dream.  Join us and Marcia in our Dante worship…you’ll thank us…we’re sure of it.

Eco Friendly Towels For Baby

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What’s our latest obsession?  Towels.  Yes you heard us….towels.  Who knew there were so many to choose from for your little tot?  We thought we were excited when we got our first hooded towel years ago with our first baby.  That was until we discovered the fun and fabulous designs at Bambooh Brand Organic .  These towels, made of luxurious  terry velour bamboo and organic cotton are so soft and make bath time at our house even more fun.  The sparkly rhinestones on the pink crown would make any little girl more than happy to splash around in the tub, and the Robot Poncho will keep your babe warm after a late afternoon swim.  What a hit they’d be at the next baby shower you (have to…) go to.  Have  a look at Bambooh’s amazing creations and see what has us loving tub time again.


Hatley Is What We’re Wearing

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We know you’ve heard it from us before, but we really can’t stop our gushing about Hatley.  It’s not just cause they are a well known fave of the rich and fabulous…sure that helps, but we love ’em because they make stylish and comfy clothes that outperform all the rest.  The nature theme works for babies, children and even mommy and daddy…and if you’re into that whole “let’s dress in matching pajamas” thing, Hatley will have you covered.  We’ll admit it and say we are a matchy pj family, at least during the holidays (don’t tell anyone).  We had a look at Hatley’s new fall line and went a little crazy…sorry Visa! (It really doesn’t help that Hatley has a store about 10 minutes from our doorstep.)  Our most coveted find is the Pink Bear corduroy dress and leggings. Love the chocolate brown paired with the soft pink.  It looks so smart when paired with a crisp white blouse.  Perfect for that first day of school or a crisp autumn walk with the fam.  Have a look yourself and we think you’ll be hooked with their clever take on threads for the whole family too.

Glamour & Luxury

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Yes, it is possible to look amazingly gorgeous while you are expecting, and even while you are breastfeeding that ravenous little newborn.  All it takes in our humble opinion is a positive state of mind, a kick a** lip gloss and a box of drool worthy undies from Cake Lingerie. We’ve all been there mama…and yes sometimes you can get away with wearing hubby’s track pants, but when you need a little style and glamor injected into your life, you need to dress the part. Cake Lingerie is a brilliant company from our home away from home, Australia. They design stunning lingerie, maternity and nursing bras (with matching panties) that make you feel confident, sexy and very va va voom in an “old Hollywood” way. Think Marilyn or Rita….classy and vintage, but made for a modern mommy. We went for their Cookie’s and Cream bra and panty set along with their Mixed Berry camisole and French knicker combo. It arrived in a pretty pink box fit for a cake…so indulgent, yet so necessary. There is no way you’ll feel frumpy or tired once you slip into Cake’s high end collection…somehow the woes of pregnancy and the sleeplessness from breastfeeding slip away. Along with style and beauty, these bras are very functional and offer wonderful support. They are comfy and pretty, which if you ask us, is really difficult to find in a nursing bra. We have a hunch that you’ll be seeing a lot of Cake soon, as the A list of Hollywood couldn’t help but fall in love with this line and make it their maternity must have. We’ll have to let Angie know about it next time we meet for coffee….wink, wink.


Back To School With Tea Collection

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When we saw the gorgeous new designs from Tea Collection’s Fall line we knew we had to write about them and let all our dear readers in on their brilliance.  So original and impressive…we wish they came in adult sizes…hint hint.  This season, Tea Collection is focusing on Japanese Street Style and the results are almost too hip for us….really.  So slick and so subtle, yet very wearable and comfy at the same time.  This Fall line is meant to be layered, so lots of the dresses and tops will work well in the late summer weather of September, and the cool days of November.  Our favorites?  Love the sophistication and dressed up look of the Tsukiji long sleeved shirt.  The koi fish makes this shirt unforgettable, and appealing to children at the same time.  We like to roll up our tots sleeves and pair it with a crisp white tee underneath.  Another real find and keeper is the Kazari Floral Dress.  Perfect for birthday parties and lunch with mommy. We think so anyway.  Get your wee one ready for class in Tea’s inspiring threads.


Charley Harper Saved Our Day

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For all you mommies who are tired  of this wet summer weather…we feel your pain.  Keeping kids occupied and interested while it’s pouring down on the playground is a job that requires a heap of patience, imagination…and a pot of dark roast coffee.  We have our own “rainy day” box that helps keep our tots from loosing their minds on stormy days.  What do we keep in it?  Well, let’s just say you’ll be hard pressed to find Dora, Mickey or Winnie hiding in our supply of coloring books, puzzles, and match games.  However we do have some really one of a kind coloring books and games from Charley Harper, an American artist known for his stunning and bold wildlife prints and artwork.  Love that the coloring book illustrations are on perforated paper, so that when your mini Picasso is finished, their art can be easily removed and displayed about the house…just like a museum.  We’re also smitten with Harper’s wooden peg puzzle.   We love the whimsical yet sophisticated detail so much that we like to leave this particular toy out on the coffee table for all to see and play.  Have a look at all of Charley ‘s brilliant books, puzzles and games at Ammo Books.  They’ll help hook you and your tot up with some classic and stimulating rainy day fun.

Want to win some Charley Harper for your wee one?  Go to Ammo Books and tell us what 3 Charley Harper items you think would keep your tot busy and inspired on a rainy day.  Email your answers to celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Aug 12/09 and we’ll draw a random winner.  Good luck mommies!


Beyond Impressed

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We just had to let you know about the best new “IT” bag of the summer, owned by some very fabulous celeb mommies.  Beyond Yoga ( ours and Reese Witherspoon’s favorite place to get the most stylish and comfy yoga wear) has just unveiled a brilliant charitable canvas tote that will get you and your gear to the beac your morning cafe with the moms, hot yoga class and the playground…effortlessly and looking flawless.  The bag also gives back to The Art Of Elysium charity, a wonderful organization that unites art with children suffering from major medical condition.  Beyond Yoga had teamed up with Andre Charles, a very famous NY graffiti artist to create their “ i am beyond….” campaign.  These super hip totes are expertly spray painted in bold colors and meaningful expressions.  Reese joins Cindy Crawford, Tori Spelling and Ilsa Fisher in supporting this amazing cause by carrying these fresh bags.  Beyond Yoga gives 30% of it’s proceeds from this bag to charity…how fab is that?  Look good while you do something good.  Simple.