Eco Friendly Towels For Baby

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DSC_0270 copy babyprince

What’s our latest obsession?  Towels.  Yes you heard us….towels.  Who knew there were so many to choose from for your little tot?  We thought we were excited when we got our first hooded towel years ago with our first baby.  That was until we discovered the fun and fabulous designs at Bambooh Brand Organic .  These towels, made of luxurious  terry velour bamboo and organic cotton are so soft and make bath time at our house even more fun.  The sparkly rhinestones on the pink crown would make any little girl more than happy to splash around in the tub, and the Robot Poncho will keep your babe warm after a late afternoon swim.  What a hit they’d be at the next baby shower you (have to…) go to.  Have  a look at Bambooh’s amazing creations and see what has us loving tub time again.