Gorgeous Baby Gifts

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We know we’ve said it before, however this time we think we honestly have found the most clever, and amazingly adorable baby shower gift out there.  The Baby Bunch, well known for their beautiful baby bouquets of clothes (just love how they wrap up an entire newborn wardrobe into a nifty little bunch of flowers) now also offer organic onesie cupcakes and crayon romper.  We think they are so “ohh and aww” worthy that you’ll want to have a newborn just to dress up in these sweet onesies.  Seriously.  The organic cupcakes come in sets of 2 or 4, all neutral in color and decorated with removable appliqués to make them look  like real and very delicious desserts.  They arrived at our door in a bakers box and we couldn’t decide if we were more  thrilled about how cute they were, or just disappointed we were that we couldn’t actually eat them…a little bit of both.  For the less cutesy and perhaps more gender neutral gift, we recommend The Baby Bunch’s Crayon Rompers…very smart looking and very impressive as well.  Love that these three bright colored onesies are packed up into a big crayon box.  So original.  With their baby bouquets, organic cupcake boxes and crayon onesies, we really can’t wait to see what The Baby Bunch comes up with next.


Oh, we forgot to mention that The Bay Bunch is Martha Stewart approved (which we must admit, makes us like the onesies even more).  Have a look at this video of Martha getting a quick lesson on how to assemble a Baby Bunch Bouquet. Our humble advice…don’t try this at home, leave it to the pros.