It’s All About You Baby!

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We know that Halloween isn’t even over yet, but we needed to tell you smart mammas (who like to get your Christmas shopping started early) about this fabulous book we came across. It’s called The First Adventures Of Incredible You, and it’s just about the most clever gift we’ve come across in all our mommy years.  It’s a personalized children’s book about the everyday life events of a child.  It takes you from wakeup time to bed time and covers everything in between, like  a visit to the park, zoo and the beach. the illustrations are really imaginative and pull you right into the story.  We loved how easy it was to order online, after choosing 20 or so favorite people and places  it was all done.  Getting a gift with your name and about you is magical to a child, and we’re not ashamed to admit that when we first read the book after it arrived, we got a little teary ( in that nice sweet way mommies do).  This book is also popular with the cool parents set..we hear that hip celeb mommies Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner now have more in common then Ben…they both have this book for their kids too.