Tee Shirts We Love

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Tee shirts are a wardrobe stable.  Your kids will wear one almost everyday, so why not stand out and make your tot’s a little more hip?  We have a few of the latest designs from Schatzi Wear, a brill Canadian company that makes the most adorable tees with a bit of urban this and that mixed in.  Love the Wuv Dove the most….so soft and the blue bird design is simply stunning.  Very “Jolie -Pitt” if you ask us…edgy and sweet all at once.   We also got a sneak peak and sample of their new “This Is How I Roll” tee that comes packaged as a sushi roll with chopsticks…very cool and A-List indeed.  All Shcatzi’s tees are sweatshop free, made in north America and full of style.  Their 2010 Spring & Summer line will be even more eco friendly according to the two fabulous mommy owners…what more could you ask for?