Very Cool & Very Necessary

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One thing we’ve learned as busy parents, is that you can never have too many sippy cups…never.  We’ve also learned that you can never be too careful about what container you serve your child’s drink in.  Using something reusable, chemical free and functional is the only way to go.  We loved our Safe Sippy from Kidbasix so much that when our tot needed to graduate to a “big girl” cup, we chose the Safe Sporter.  And yes we admit that our choice was perhaps based a little bit on looks along with durability.  This cup could win you over on it’s sleek design alone, but it also comes with some brilliant features that make it a mommy must have. The Safe Sporter stainless steel cup has an extra wide mouth which makes cleaning easier (how many toddler cups have we ditched cause they never get clean enough?…too many to admit to) and the body of the sport bottle has a sleeve over it to help little hands grip their drink and not freeze their little fingers.  The colors to choose from are bold and makes spotting your tots drink at your next mommy playdate a breeze. We love the bright pink, but must say the green comes in at a close second. Be smart and stylish like us and help out mother nature with this safe and reusable drinking bottle.