Get Carried Away

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We’ve been testing out some new carriers lately, and we have definitely chosen our favorite one.  Kokopax’s Classic Carrier is making our hikes with the family and walks to the shops more comfy and stylish.  What do we love most about this aluminum framed baby carrier?  It’s so lightweight…we’re talking so lightweight that all you  feel is the weight of your child.  Most carriers seem to almost outweigh your tot these days…not Kokopax.  We also love the fab color choices…from beautiful blossoms to chic black licorice, these patterns and shades are modern and current, nothing cutesy or too sweet, so you and your partner should be able to agree on one.  Also impressive is the handy storage pocket that fits just enough baby gear for an outing (diaper, small pack of wipes, onesie), and even leaves enough room for a few of mommy’s essentials like lipbalm, credit card and phone (if you roll it up, you may just be able to fit your weekly gossip mag in there too!).  The Kokopax also wins points for it’s kickstand.  This feature will probably be the one you thought you didn’t need, but once you start using it, you’ll wonder what you would have done without it.

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