Shirin NYC Is Almost Too Cool For Us

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With Christmas around the corner, we have a lot of dressing up to do.  We had a look at Shirin NYC’s kids collection and almost passed it by due to the fact that it’s just too fabulous…maybe even for us.  Could we pull it off?  Would we look hip and stylish in their high end tee’s and dresses like all the urban mommies and daughters who are in the know about Shirin’s unbelievably fresh line?  You’ll never know till ya try, so we went for their gorgeous hand silk screened Butterfly In Frame dress from the Holiday collection.  So soft and so luxurious. Made with organic supima cotton and cashmere, it’s a true winter treat that’s so necessary ( you need to see the adult version of the dress too, so beautiful).  Shirin NYC is well known for their arty, urban tees and their kids line has all the energy and flare of the adult collection with a little whimsy thrown in.  Check out the ruffles on their organic pink bird tee…so fancy, and just right for that holiday soirée.  Trust us.  We know what we’re talking about.

PS…for all you “Mommy & Me” fans (come on…you know you love it) have a peak at Shirin’s brilliant Mommy & Me Couture designs.  Edgy and elegant all at once.