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We have a rule here at Celeb Baby Clothes…only write about things we try out.  How can we say it’s fabulous unless we tried it?  Well….we are breaking the rules…just this once.  Although we have not been lucky enough to try Freshology (Canada is just a little too far for them to deliver…sigh) we just had to write about it after a reader was kind enough to let us know about it.  Freshology is a gourmet prepared meal delivery company that even has a program that caters specifically to mommies.  How fabulous is that?  Fresh Mommy Nutrition is an all-natural meal program which that ‘s designed for pre natal and post natal mommas. It’s so difficult to plan nutritional and delicious meals after baby arrives…near impossible.  Freshology does all the work so you can focus on your new little baby.  Looks like Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Lopez and Debi Mazer agree, as they used this program to drop the baby weight themselves…although we’re sure there were also a few personal trainers and nannies involved in their post baby bodies.  Have a look at their site, and if you try it out let us know if Freshology tastes as good as it looks.