Art Supplies For Your Little Vincent van Gogh

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When we heard that our favorite place to shop, Whole Foods was going to be carrying Clementine Art supplies…we just had to check ’em out (perhaps we did a little celeb searching too…who can blame us?). All natural and very safe, this line takes all the worry out of playtime, and encourages your child to be creative too. We went for their brilliant Soy Crayons. They come packaged in a simple yet noticeably hip white box (recycled paper, of course) in packs of 6.  Using plant and mineral pigments, these crayons are bright and bold…not to mention toxin free and completely eco friendly. Which one will we try out next? The Modeling Dough and the Soy Crayon Rocks are a rainy day must. Next time you can’t decide what to do with the kids, just break out a box of crayons and plain white paper…eco friendly paper…and see what your wee one creates. You won’t be disappointed.