Bicycle Bells We Love

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It’s bike season now that all the snow has melted, and we have a special find for all you mommies looking for the perfect bike accessory for your wee little biker.  Dringdring makes the most fabulous hand painted bicycle bells we have ever had the pleasure of ringing.  Princesses, frogs cupcakes, ladybugs and lizards…you name it and they have it.  Done with flare and tons of originality, these bells are baked after they are painted so that harsh weather won’t make them rust and fade.  Our favorite? It’s a toss up between the nurse and the little princess.  The bright colors and the sound of the bell bring us back to being five years old and flying down the street without our training wheels.  Have a peek at Dringdring’s gorgeous bells and you’ll be hooked too…just thought we’d warn ya.