Shoes We Covet

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We are absolute die hard Livie & Luca fans…like screaming 1960’s Beatles type fans.  Maybe a little extreme, but you’d understand if your little one owned a pair of their fabulous shoes.   The designs are original, hand made and created with our fragile environment in mind.  A celeb mommy must have as Marcia Cross and Brook Shield’s are known to be Livie & Luca fans.  We heard Madonna’s little David has some too, along with her buddy Gwyneth Paltrow.  Quite a following, if you ask us. We went for the pink Fun Dots as they just seem to scream Spring.  Love how flexible they are and the wide foot keeps our girl safe and happily running all over the playground.  On our wish list?  Livie’s bold and bright Bloom.  Gorgeous green sandal with a pink bud that just pops out at ya.  If only these came in “mommy sizes”. Who ever thought we’d have toddler shoe envy?