Chic Storage Solution

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Playrooms and children’s bedrooms can get out of hand, can’t they mom?  Little toys scattered about and always finding there way under the bed.  No need to fret and stew over it, you just need some fab storage solutions from us.  We just received plain mary’s European Nesting Suitcases in preppy green and can’t believe what a difference they made in our tot’s room.  These brill mini suitcases are made with eco-friendly fiber board and have a recyclable plastic handle, not to mention they came in the most stunning shades with decorative stitching along the sides.  No more stepping on lego and crayons in our house, and Barbie even has her own space for her endless supply of heels and ball gowns.  Celeb mommies Camila Alves and Jennifer Lopez are well known plain mary fans, and we think you will be too.