Kid Clothes Made For Summer Fun

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When stylish mommies like Heidi Klum and Kate Hudson (did she or didn’t she?…either way she looks fab) choose to dress their tots in the hip designs from City Threads, we should all breathe a sigh of relief.  Proof that not all celeb mommies take it to the “couture level” and drain the bank account for a playdate outfit…some use their mommy smarts and pick clothes that are durable, comfy and modern, like the collection at City Threads. Our own tiny rebel is wearing the Rock tee in charcoal gray. Love the nautical star design which is very trendy this season. Just edgy enough to get a smile but not too grown up either. We paired our new tee with their Soft Twill Cargo Shorts in red…looks sharp together. Now only if the weather would cooperate and get warm enough for shorts. City Threads Spring and Sumer line is made for the playground, beach and adventurous days out with mommy and daddy. Just don’t be disappointed that your wee one will be better dressed than you.