Hairclips We Used To Dream About…

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Finding the perfect hairclip has always been an obsession for us here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.  Must be due to the fact that as tots we suffered through those horrible plastic barrettes that pulled on our hair and always fell out by the end of the day.  Thank goodness those bad hair days are over.  We heard about Lilla, a fantastic hairclip and headband design company, and just had to try them out for ourselves.  We discovered quite quickly that Lilla makes the most gorgeous clips that are simple, modern and made to stay put.  Our tot ran about the soccer field and still had her two Lilla clippies in place at the end of practice. Brilliant.  Inspired by Swedish style and design, these clips and headbands are hand made and will definitely add a little extra style to your tots day.  European flare, original designs and they make a charitable donation with each purchase…what more could we ask for?


The Best Baby Blanket….Ever. Really.

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Just when we though we loved aden & anais as much as any mommy possibly could, they go and come up with a new and exciting blanket.  Their fresh and stylish mela swaddles feature gorgeous prints from Dipali Patwa, the founder of Masala Baby. So beautiful and stylish that you will wish they made these blankets big enough to cover mommy’s bed too. These  breathable muslin blankets are super soft, as they’re made of bamboo, creating a very smooth and silky like feeling against baby and mommy’s skin.  aden & anais has been a ‘mommy must have” since they debuted in 2004, and not a day goes by that we don’t use, wash or pack one of their signature blankies for our tots.  We’re in fabulously good company as well, as Heidi Klum and new momma Sandra Bullock have both been known to swaddle their babies in aden’s multi functional wraps. Great minds think alike.


The Maternity Swimsuit You’ll Want To Wear

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Swimsuits and pregnancy can be a difficult thing to pair together…you have to find just the right one or you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable, self conscious and unhappy.  Best to get one from experts that know how to dress a beautiful pregnant form.  We went looking at Isabella Oliver, our “go to” place when we need a fabulous  maternity look.  They have designed a very stylish one piece and a gorgeous (and dare we say sexy…) tankini that will make you toss the rest of your maternity swimwear in the bin.  Seriously momma…once you try this suit on, you’ll wonder why you suffered so long. We chose their tankini in deep pink.  Perfect summer shade.  Love the flattering ruched sides and the built in shelf bra will came in handy as baby and mommy grow.  With a long list of A List followers and fantastic designs that flatter, we think Isabella is a must for all mommies to be.


What To Wear This Summer

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Famed LPGA Golfer Annika Sörenstam

Summer months should be spent playing outdoors, running on the sand, swinging from monkey bars and picnicking in the park.  All that summer fun requires the right clothes, and we think Sweden’s Polarn O.Pyret is the place to go.  Available now in the US and a well known celeb mommy favorite, Polarn has long been where stylish European mommies went to shop for their children. Just have a look at famed LPGA Golfer Annika Sörenstam in the pic above rocking Polarn’s signature stripes. Classy and stylish. Our tots have been sporting Polarn’s Play & Learn summer line while digging in the sandbox and riding their bikes.  The tees are so comfy and get softer with each wash.  The leggings are lite enough so that the kids don’t overheat, and keeps their knees safe from scrapes and bug bites. For something a little more fancy,have a peek at their Gingham Check dress in green for what we believe to be the perfect summer frock. We only wish it came in “mommy” size too…sigh.


On The Go? We Have The Bib For You Baby!

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Dwell Studio has always been a favorite of ours at Celeb Baby Clothes.  Known for their hip style and sleek creations (and their very stylish followers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Keri Russel) you really can’t go wrong.   We’ve been oohing and ahhing over their baby and kid’s line for quite some time and just received their Bibs To Go set and a collection of  their brilliant  books full of vibrant color and perfect for our curious toddles. Our top pick is the bright  Touch & Feel Town. What do we love most about our disposable travel bibs from Dwell?  The brilliant and creative patterns and the long length.  Oh, yes…they are waterproof too, so spilling that OJ just before daycare will not result in utter catastrophe.  Baby stays entertained and clean while you are all out to a family dinner…and you get to eat your meal too.  Bring along Dwell’s educational and engaging book collection and you and your husband may just get to have coffee and dessert too.

Look Stylish While You Push

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thumbnail.asp gownie

When delivering a baby, we mommies want to wear something comfy, functional, and pretty if possible.  Who wants and old stained hospital gown worn by thousands before you?  Well, now we have options momma, and we just love the gorgeous birthing gowns at Baby Be Mine Maternity .  So stylish…and dare we say cute, that you’ll want a couple to wear around the house those first few weeks at home when your whole life will revolve around sleeping and breast feeding.  Love the snaps all the way down the back and the easy to open snaps for baby feeding time and for nurses fixing your IV tubing.  No more loose ties and unnecessary flashing.  We went for the Nicole Gownie, just like Pam from the Office wore when she delivered her and Jim’s baby.  Simple and classy pattern…which is what you’ll crave after the adventures of childbirth.