Look Stylish While You Push

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When delivering a baby, we mommies want to wear something comfy, functional, and pretty if possible.  Who wants and old stained hospital gown worn by thousands before you?  Well, now we have options momma, and we just love the gorgeous birthing gowns at Baby Be Mine Maternity .  So stylish…and dare we say cute, that you’ll want a couple to wear around the house those first few weeks at home when your whole life will revolve around sleeping and breast feeding.  Love the snaps all the way down the back and the easy to open snaps for baby feeding time and for nurses fixing your IV tubing.  No more loose ties and unnecessary flashing.  We went for the Nicole Gownie, just like Pam from the Office wore when she delivered her and Jim’s baby.  Simple and classy pattern…which is what you’ll crave after the adventures of childbirth.