On The Go? We Have The Bib For You Baby!

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Dwell Studio has always been a favorite of ours at Celeb Baby Clothes.  Known for their hip style and sleek creations (and their very stylish followers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Keri Russel) you really can’t go wrong.   We’ve been oohing and ahhing over their baby and kid’s line for quite some time and just received their Bibs To Go set and a collection of  their brilliant  books full of vibrant color and perfect for our curious toddles. Our top pick is the bright  Touch & Feel Town. What do we love most about our disposable travel bibs from Dwell?  The brilliant and creative patterns and the long length.  Oh, yes…they are waterproof too, so spilling that OJ just before daycare will not result in utter catastrophe.  Baby stays entertained and clean while you are all out to a family dinner…and you get to eat your meal too.  Bring along Dwell’s educational and engaging book collection and you and your husband may just get to have coffee and dessert too.