The Best Baby Blanket….Ever. Really.

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Just when we though we loved aden & anais as much as any mommy possibly could, they go and come up with a new and exciting blanket.  Their fresh and stylish mela swaddles feature gorgeous prints from Dipali Patwa, the founder of Masala Baby. So beautiful and stylish that you will wish they made these blankets big enough to cover mommy’s bed too. These  breathable muslin blankets are super soft, as they’re made of bamboo, creating a very smooth and silky like feeling against baby and mommy’s skin.  aden & anais has been a ‘mommy must have” since they debuted in 2004, and not a day goes by that we don’t use, wash or pack one of their signature blankies for our tots.  We’re in fabulously good company as well, as Heidi Klum and new momma Sandra Bullock have both been known to swaddle their babies in aden’s multi functional wraps. Great minds think alike.