Look Cool And Make A Difference

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We adore those who give back and pay it forward.  We also love a great lookin’ tee made of organic cotton that says a lot without overdoing it.  Must be why we fell for all the hip offerings at Booda Brand, a way too cool company that creates soft comfy tees adorned with smart artwork and inspiring words.  We love the organic Love long sleeved tee and think the black Courage tee will make a great addition to our tots Fall wardrobe.  Seems Oprah shares our love of Booda too, as she mentioned their “I Will Make a Difference” onesie in her fab magazine this past July.  If that isn’t enough to impress you, you need to know that the awesome folks at Booda will donate a book through Room To Read with every purchase…too brilliant for words.


London Style

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How do you make packing lunches and snacks less of a chore and way more fun?  Get a snazzy and stylish lunch bag mommy…really, it will make the task less annoying and way more enjoyable.  A fresh new lunch tote is a  necessity for back to school, and we also like to have one for baby’s day out.  Pack some water, apple slices and cheese and you’ve got yourself all you need for a yummy snack on the road.  We just upgraded our lunch bag with a fab find from Dabbwalla Bags, a company that uses eco sponge to make it’s kid friendly lunch bags.  They’re insulated and totally machine washable (go ahead and spill that cranberry juice).  We went for the super hip British Invasion tote….looks too cool and keeps our juice box chilled as well.  Perfect for adding a little “wow” factor to your kid’s lunch.  Have a look at their creations and tell us what one you like most.

Gorgeous Baby Blanket

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We’ve been searching for the perfect baby blanket to pack in our hospital bag to take our new little bundle home in. We wanted a blankie that was warm, soft and stylish….something a little extra special and worthy of such an important day. Well, we stopped searching when we saw the gorgeous blankets that Sarah Jessica wrapped her two little girls in. Beba Bean makes a brilliant swaddle blanket called The Herringbone…so swish and all about being comfy, cozy warm. We went for the ivory hat and blanket set, however if you know you are having a boy or girl, you can choose pink or blue (we’re holding out for one last big surprise). Love the unique over sized triangular shape, as it makes bundling heaps easier for those cool crisp Autumn mornings we’re about to start feeling. Beba Bean also creates a line of stunning knit clothes, toys and shoes. If we knew we were having a girl, we’d need those red leather Mary Janes. Have a peak at our new obsession.


Parisian Chic Maternity Designs

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We all want to look our best. This is especially important when we’re pregnant. We know…morning sickness and looking fabulous do not always go hand in hand, however we really feel (trust us ladies) that when you look good, you feel good. Wearing your hubby’s jeans and old flannel shirt will not make the nausea and exhaustion any better. For those of you who feel the same way, we have a brilliant find for you!  Sugar Town is a gorgeouse brand from France that will have you looking and feeling tres chic in no time. The tops and dresses are so original and perfect for anything from a quick coffee with friends to an impromto date night with daddy-to-be. Classy, romantic and tasteful are just a few of the comments we’ve gotten since sporting our new Sugar Town top. You’ll feel like a French movie star in no time…and you’ll forget all about that pesky morning sickness too.


Stylish Blankets For Your Child’s Room

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It’s really difficult to find stylish, modern bedding for kids.  You really have to do your research, and lucky for you we did it for you!  You can skip the big box stores and save hours at the mall just by checking out the lovingly made and too fabulous for words bedding at Jacob & Bonomi.  We fell in love with the Li’l Apple blanket immediately.  Love the use of gray in children’s decor and bedding…it’s modern and edgy and goes with so many other shades.  The cotton blankets and sheets are just as soft as the web site says…we’ve even “borrowed” our tot’s Jacob & Bonomi blanket ourselves for a quick nap (shhhh…don’t tell her).  Have a look and let us know what you think of their brilliant bed sheets and blankets.  You’ll be as smitten as we are.  Promise.