Mommy Nessesity : The Affinity Breast Pump

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You’ll never know how valuable a good, reliable breast pump is till you use one.  Finding the perfect pump with the best suction will made your transition to mommyhood all the more enjoyable…and manageable.  With so many on the market, it’s good to know what works (and doesn’t) and what other mommies think of the breast pump you want to buy.   Our pick for best breast pump?  We chose the Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump from Lansinoh. It beat out the rest when we considered price, ease of use and suction.  Love the “let down” button and the fact that it fits most baby bottles.  Lansinoh also gets high marks for making it easy to pack and bring with you due to it’s compact size.  For you mommies on the fence about pumping (we were too when we had our first baby) and wondering if you’ll really even need a pump, it really helps knowing you can still feed you baby breast milk when you can’t be there.  Whether you have to return to work early, or just need a few hours out of the house, having an easy to use pump will make those moments less stressful. Our best advice is to get one before the baby arrives and get used to how it works…no need to try and figure it out at 3am while the baby is fussy.  Trust us.

PS…we also need to gush a little about their brilliant disposable breast pads.  Of all the pads we’ve tried while nursing our little ones, the Lansinoh pads were the most comfy and most absorbent.  Being a new mommy is hard enough…who needs milk stains on their new shirt to add to all the chaos?