Boo Boos Made Better

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Busy mommies on the go need quick access to the essentials in their diaper bag.  This is especially true when your tot has a boo boo or a diaper emergency (who wants to dig around looking for band aids and wipes?).  We’ve discovered that being super prepared for life’s little emergencies can make things go heaps better.  What’s our secret?  We pack our diaper bag with the brilliant little Diaper Bag Buddy from the me4kidz.  It’s a compact, reusable case that contains all you need in a pinch for your wee baby.  Wipes, organic soothing creams, tiny band aids, sunscreen and even a handy dandy disposable thermometer.  Love the thought and care put into the products the fab folks at me4kidz have chosen….especially the all natural and baby safe creams from Episencial. This sweet little pack makes a great addition to a baby shower gift basket or hospital bag waiting to go to the delivery room.  Me4kidz also makes a useful and kid friendly first aid kit for the family and a smaller version for your diaper bag.  These kits with their modern look, useful contents and compact size make them a definite must have and a perfect baby shower gift.