Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

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Shopping for the perfect baby shower gift can be a bit of a nightmare.  You want to make sure you get mommy and baby something useful, yet original. Something that stands out…but not too much.  Well, we compiled a top 5 list of the gifts that will make mommy very pleased.  We added our own personal faves just in case you want to really impress the guest of honor.

#1 Baby Blanket: Yes…a baby blanket.  But not just any old baby blanket.  Get one that’s big enough and so soft that you’d even use it.  Baby blankets that can double as nursing covers or play mats are even better.  Skip the cartoon characters with cheap flannel that pills in three washes.  Go for breathable, natural fabric.  What’s our favorite?  aden & anais , naturally.  They make the most amazing muslin baby blankets that we’ve reviewed a few times here on Celeb Baby Clothes.  Hands down, the best baby blankets available.

#2 Fancy Diaper Bag: Most new mommies have a new diaper bag bought, packed and ready by the door by the time they are 6 months along.  However, most new moms don’t splurge on a new designer baby bag.  They stick to the practical, forgetting that a little style goes a long way.  Mommy needs at least one special bag that looks good while at coffee with the ladies ad babies, and while dining a deaux with daddy.  We recommend the stylish offerings from Kate Spade ( love the Splodge design).  Gorgeous and practical.  Roomy enough for diapers and wipes,and special enough to make a new mommy smile.

#3  Bouncer:  A good sturdy and reliable bouncer is an absolute must…any mommy will tell you that.  Look for one that sooths the baby, but that also looks like it will stand the test of time.  A bouncer that runs out of steam quickly, or requires you to do the rocking is not what you want.  We suggest, that just this once you skip the organic, eco route.  A bouncer is meant to lull to sleep and entertain when awake…not look pretty with your living room couch.  Our favorite is the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders.  It’s a little flashy, but put all our babies to sleep and kept them busy so we could do what mommies do.  It looks out of place in our neutral living room, but who cares about that when the baby sleeps?

#4 Breastfeeding Pillow:  No one tells you how difficult breastfeeding can be.  We will.  You need all the support you can get.  We’ve tried quite a few brands and we love our Kuddle Ring from Bummis.  What makes this particular breastfeeding pillow different from all the rest is that it has a removable cover…perfect for all of life’s little messes.  Wish we’d known about this pillow the first time around.

#5 Books:  Really, a classic childrens book is the perfect gift.  Pick one of your favorites from when you were little, and write a little note in the cover.  Mommy-to -be will remember it as one of her favorite gifts.  Our baby book must have is Goodnight Moon.  Ours is dog eared and beaten up, but always a favorite.