Real & Beautiful: Cake Lingerie

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You are beautiful.  You just need reminding once in a while.  Being pregnant or nursing your baby is one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life.  So why do we feel so tired, unattractive and not our selves during these periods in our lives?  Because we don’t take time for the little things…cups of tea…reading a few chapters curled up in bed and wearing clothes that make us feel like the beautiful woman we are.  All these things separate and combined can make you feel recharged and more like your former self.  While nursing our babies we took it up a notch by wearing some of Cake Lingerie’s fabulous creations.  They make the most gorgeous maternity and nursing bras with matching knickers and lingerie sets.  We found their nursing bras secure, comfy and very flattering.  Love the attention to detail and the rich colors and soft fabrics.  Cookies and Cream for day time…Plum Pudding at night (you may want to give the husband a wee bit of warning). One more reason we think Cake Lingerie is brilliant, is their commitment to making undies for real mommies and mommies-to-,be.  So committed, that they launched a campaign called ‘Real Mums, Real Fit’Cake found real moms that wanted to rejoice in their new curves and beautiful bodies.  No models, and no touch ups…just the real deal as you see above.  How fabulous is that?  You’ll want to flaunt it too once you slip into their posh and swanky bras.