Express Yourself

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Keeping it simple and classy is the way to go for Valentines Day.  Especially for all us busy mommies.  That’s why we let out a sigh of relief when we saw the awesome offer from our friends at Cocodot, a brill online card company that let’s you send  online paperless invites and cards but also has gorgeous printable  (and eco friendly) greetings as well.  Loved by such A-listers as Gywneth P and Brooke Shields, we think Cocodot is definitely the way to go if you want to impress while you get your message across.  Cocodot was kind enough to share their Valentines Day Special with us and we want to pass the info onto you too:  Get 25 lovable 7 x 5 Valentine’s Day printed cards for just $39. Promo code COCOCUPID. How fabulous is that?  Wonder if we’ll be getting one from Gwynnie?


Kushies To The Rescue

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As a busy moms, we’re always looking for new tips, tricks and advice to keep us going.  That’s probably why we like the new Kushies online mag with info and thoughts on nutrition, health, recipes, parenting and play.  They also have new product announcements from Kushies, so you can see their latest baby gear (we still think their bibs are by far the best bibs in town…nothing compares to them).

You can find the new site at  Happy reading momma!


French & Fabulous

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Trying to decorate your child’s room can be so difficult.  You want it to reflect who they are…inspire them to dream (and sleep!) and to stimulate their mind.  How do you do that with a gallon of paint and a hammer?  Well we suggest you follow the experts advice and find a specific item to build your theme around.  If you are in the process of decorating  your little girl’s room, may we suggest the gorgeous and sophisticated pillows from the super cool Michelle Mason.  Her creations have been featured in Marie Claire and Elle Decor and just about every magazine in between.   We adore her Paris Cushion with it’s little pom poms and colorful design.  Perfect for a French themed bedroom and it will give you that starting off point you need to redecorate your growing tot’s room.

Nursingwear Essential :The Perfect Nighty

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Let’s face it, all you want  is to be super comfy while you nurture and nourish your new little baby.  When you’re breastfeeding, what you wear can make all the difference in comfort and attitude.  That’s why we are so excited we heard about Milk Nursing Wear.  They make these really gorgeous nursing clothes that truly make you feel extra pretty and extra comfortable.  We fell in love with their empire waisted Braided Nightgown from the ecoMilk line.  So flattering and perfect for those first few days in the hospital when you have tons of visitors…might as well look good while in you entertain in your jammies we say.  We went for the bold raspberry shade to brighten up these gray winter days…but the purple is just as eye catching…maybe we should have gotten both.  The empire seam lifts easily for feedings and the nighty also has inner pockets for the all important nursing pads (another nursing essential!).  Have a look at their creations and you’ll be adding to your nursing wardrobe just like us…don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Need A New Diaper Bag Momma?

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If you’re searching for a new baby bag to start the year off right, then your search ends here…Bumble Bags are well known for their style, functional features and a client list that is A-List all the way.  There are three lines to choose from that will please even the most fussy mommy (us included).  We love their affordable prices, gorgeous hand designed prints and attention to detail (perfect size change pads and oodles of pockets for mommy’s stuff).  Our top picks from Bumble this year are the Chloe Convertible, the Jennifer Weekender and their quilted Playmat.  The Chloe makes a perfect daytime diaper bag, while the Jennifer is a must for a few nights away with the family (also makes a fab labor and delivery bag…lots of room for diapers and mommy’s magazines) and the playmat makes park time fuss free as it rolls up easily and has straps that can attach to your stroller.  Sheryl Crow and Heidi Klum are just a couple of celeb mommies who are known to tote their Bumble about looking smart and stylish.  Who could blame them?


Gorgeous Nursing Clothes = Happy Mommy

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Clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding is a trend we love.  It’s so much easier to feed your baby when there are secret flaps that open and necklines are easy to pull over…nursing your baby in a turtle neck is no simple task.  Who wants to be pulling at buttons and high necklines when baby is hungry?  So thrilled we discovered the stylish and modern nursing clothes from Mothers En Vogue.  They make modern and dare we say sexy designs that make breastfeeding a snap while you’re on the go.  The necklines, hemlines, fabric and designs are all done with care and an attitude that breastfeeding clothes should be comfy and look fabulous.   What have we been wearing from Mothers En Vogue?  After lots of debate we settled on the Chiffon Trim Nightdress and the Anna Jane Dress.  Both are super soft and can be worn while you are pregnant and post partum while you are nursing.  Love the nightdress as it’s extra fancy and makes you feel a wee bit more special then wearing old sweats to bed.  The Anna Jane dress looks brilliant when paired with leggings and tall boots.  When you look good, you’ll feel more confident and capable of all the challenges that come along with mommyhood.  Really.  It’s our mom tip of the day.


Black & White Done Right

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When we first heard about the new clothing line from Tutortogs, we wished we had thought of their clever idea first.  They make baby clothes with high contrast patterns that stimulate baby’s developing  vision.  How genius is that?  Tutortog’s rompers, baby gowns and tops for mommy grab baby’s attention with black and white patterns such as polka dots, stripes and lady bugs.  We love the super soft infant rompers and went for the Classic Striped Romper.  It’s zippered all the way to the covered feet, which is every mommies dream as it makes late night diaper changes less of a challenge ( never was very good at all those snaps at 4am…thank goodness for zippers).  These modern rompers and gowns make a fabulous baby gift too…so original and they look brilliant too.