Nursingwear Essential :The Perfect Nighty

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Let’s face it, all you want  is to be super comfy while you nurture and nourish your new little baby.  When you’re breastfeeding, what you wear can make all the difference in comfort and attitude.  That’s why we are so excited we heard about Milk Nursing Wear.  They make these really gorgeous nursing clothes that truly make you feel extra pretty and extra comfortable.  We fell in love with their empire waisted Braided Nightgown from the ecoMilk line.  So flattering and perfect for those first few days in the hospital when you have tons of visitors…might as well look good while in you entertain in your jammies we say.  We went for the bold raspberry shade to brighten up these gray winter days…but the purple is just as eye catching…maybe we should have gotten both.  The empire seam lifts easily for feedings and the nighty also has inner pockets for the all important nursing pads (another nursing essential!).  Have a look at their creations and you’ll be adding to your nursing wardrobe just like us…don’t say we didn’t warn you.