Sophie Who?

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We’ve been die hard Sophie The Giraffe fans for years .  What mommy isn’t?  Well, Sophie may just have to pack her bags cause there’s a new toy in our house that’s getting all the smiles and drool.  We call her Efie The Chicken.  She’s soft, organic, rattles and is totally washable.  Love her.  Handmade in Germany by a company called Efie ( her name makes more sense now doesn’t it? ), this chicken is just a small part of their extensive  childrens product line.  We wish we could tell you more, but the web site is mostly German.  Bummer.  We’re sure Efie would be a total hit over in North America.  We lucked into finding her on a shopping trip to P’lovers, a brilliant little store that focuses on all things earth friendly and organic.  Lucky for us…not so much for Sophie.