Can A Baby Really Smell Any Better?

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Babies smell heavenly.  They just do.  So when we bathe and massage our wee one we like to use products that are all natural and scented  lightly with real plants and oils.  That’s why we are currently loving the baby line from Lavanila  Laboratories.  Totally harsh chemical free…nothing harmful or disastrous for your baby’s skin in their body products.  We received their Health Baby Bundle, complete with lotion, bottom cream and baby wash.  Loved it all.  The lotion went on clean…absorbed quickly…the baby wash was used by all and we all felt very refreshed after washing up…as for the bottom cream, well, we can safely say that baby’s bum is perfectly perfect after being smeared with Lavanila’s diaper cream.  Featured in People, Marie Claire and Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, Lavanila has lots of fabulous mommy “must haves” too…like the yummy lip shines.  Next time that’s what we’re indulging in.