Press Here If You Like….

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We’re easily impressed by the classics…love Madeline and Dr Seuss….but it’s difficult to impress us with something new.  So we were quite excited after reading Press Here by the brilliant Herve Tullet.  It’s an imaginative book that makes the simple task of pressing a yellow dot a fun adventure that involves the parent and the reader.  The dot grows, disappears, and even multiplies…and causes smiles and giggles now matter how many times we read it.  Even our two year old loves counting the dots and shaking the pages.  We’ll be honest…when we first glanced at it we thought we’d read it once and be done…not a chance in this house. It’s become a true classic and a keeper already, destined to be passed on dog-eared to the grandkids someday. Who would have thought that a yellow dot could be so entertaining?  Total page turner.