Be Happy

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Thank you Meagan Francis for making our day a little easier and sunnier.  Your book, The Happiest Mom is making a difference in our house.  We only wish it had been written when we had our first baby…but better late then never,right?  Broken down into ten “secrets” to enjoying motherhood, this book really takes away some of the guilt and stress us mommies feel throughout the day.  It’s the perfect book to read while your toddlers are (hopefully) napping and you can curl up with a cup of tea. You’ll feel like you’re getting helpful advice from an old friend who’s been there.  That’s how we felt. It’s a book we’ll refer to for years as we raise our tots.  Loved the 7th secret titled “Make Your Bed”.  Our big stresser is clutter and mess…having three under five will do that to ya….Meagan’s chapter on this matter has made the mommy of this house happier for sure in this respect.  Honest.  A made bed, clean sink and tossing unneeded clutter really will improve your mood. We’re also pretty smitten with Meagan’s blog too…especially on days we need to smile, laugh and feel less crazy.