She Likes The iPad Too

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We think the baby likes the new iPad2 as much as we do.  This is a pic we took with the iPad camera  right after we opened it…or tore open the package in excitement…depends who you ask.  Love all the features so far and we must admit that we are a bit blurry eyed from staying up too late playing with all our new apps….good thing the baby sleeps well.  Favorite app thus far?  Gotta be the Flipboard .  So cool. You pick all the subjects you like to read about…add in some news….twitter (if you’re into that)…some Oprah, a dash of Bon Appetit and some fave blogs (like ours….) and presto!  You have a personalized magazine at your finger tips, which we find is best enjoyed while the kids nap and you have a very large coffee while in the most comfiest of chairs.  Can’t wait to use the iPad for blogging.  For now we’ll be happy using it to catch up on the latest celeb gossip and take some pics of our busy little tots.


Update:  Just a little FYI for all you mommies out their with your brand new iPad….if you bought the smart cover, which we did, make sure to keep it safe from little hands that carry messy pens.  Yes…we turned our backs for one minute…or two…and presto…we had some new doodles on our iPad smart cover.  Not good.  Even worse?  The lack of clear info from the Apple call center help desk people. The guy that we were unfortunate enough to get to help us with the removal of said stain on their Apple product had no clue what to do or how to help…well, after much thought and courage, we took some Goo Off (the cover was already ruined in our eyes)…and rubbed a little, and it came clean!  We totally don’t recommended this as perhaps we were just lucky and didn’t damage the Smart cover further, but it did work for us.  Now our cover is back to looking stylish and well, smart again.  Only wish the Apple folks were as smart as we were.