You Can Do It!

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Do you hear yourself mumbling that to yourself (you can do it….you can do it…) while you scramble and rummage through your bare cupboards and fridge for things to make for supper?  We do.  But now we really feel like we can do it, now that we have the very fabulous cookbook called Time For Dinner.  It’s written by the brilliant team behind the much loved and missed Cookie Magazine (we still have all our old issues…dog eared and worn).  Pilar Guzman, Jenny Rosenstrach and Alanna Stang all former editors of Cookie decided to get together and share their smarts tips, ideas and recipes for making supper way less stressful and fun again.  Love the layout and we now have total fridge envy once we had a look at the essential fridge pics and diagrams in the first few pages.  Even if we had all those ingredients and items, our fridge would still be a disaster….but now we have a vision and a goal.  Best recipes that we’ve tried so far are the Crispy Chicken Sandwiches (yes, you should totally roast those tomatoes on a cold rainy day), the guacamole and the fish stew (yum).  The kids liked these meals too…just as long as they could have the sandwich without the bread and the stew with the mussels on the side.  Very reasonable requests and mommy only had to make one meal each night. See…cooking can be fun.  Honest.  For all you die hard Cookie fans, the lovely authors brought back the “one ingredient” recipe…you have one main ingredient and then have a look through the kitchen and pair it with the basics they have on a chart, and voila….supper is served.

PS…check out Pilar’s web site…very fabulous too.