Mommy Time

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With all the fussing and child raising going on it’s easy to forget that you need a little mommy time to yourself.  A few hours of mindless latte drinking in your favorite cafe, reading a current magazine, and absolutely no diaper changing…could you imagine?  Well, if you do get the chance, you should also get dressed up a little…toss the peanut butter stained shorts and “what the heck is that stain” t-shirt and put on some fresh summer threads.  What are we loving  for days when we get to dress for ourselves?  The flirty summer skirts from French Connection (on sale as we speak)…love the Tabitha.  Pair any of their gorgeous skirts with a simple summer tee and add some flats or fancy flip flops and you have a classy, breezy summery outfit…and after all that alone time you’ll be itching to get all messy again at the playground, so keep the PB stained shorts near by.