Perfect Summer Hair

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Days at the beach and sunny playgrounds…after a long winter and wet spring we deserve some fine weather.  Best part about putting away all those woolly hats and rain hoods is dressing up your tots hair with some fancy schmacy hair clips.  Out To Tea has been a favorite of ours since our first born had hair long enough to clip back.  Love their new silk flower collection and the sequin stunners the most.  Gorgeous shades like salmon and azalea, and they stay put even after our active tot has had a day out on the slides, swings and teeter totter.  The chic flowers dress our outfits up just enough to be simple and classy…perfect with a white eyelet tee and rolled up jeans.  Out To Tea’s clips also make a great accessory for a summer wedding or birthday bash.  We predict a trend actually, seeing that Will and Kate’s wedding brought the focus back on lady’s hats for weddings…your wee one might not be ready for a couture fasinator a la Princess Beatrice, but a statement hair clippy is a great place to start, right?