Wish We’d Thought Of That…..

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We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again…the kids are more often interested in the box the gift came in then the actual gift.   Show up at our house with an empty box and you’ll be adored like Santa.  You’ll understand why we were super excited to hear about Blue Manatee Boxes, a brilliant company that lets you pick your books, grouped by theme and package them up in a reusable box that also contains a crayon to get started and non-toxic, eco-friendly playable packaging.  The box is part of your gift…perfect for rainy days, birthdays and anything in between.  We went for the Art Box and chose three classic board books to help inspire our petit Monet.   What a smart idea, combining well known and true classic books with eco-friendly packaging that also helps your wee one learn, develop and have fun.  Like we said…wish we’d thought of it first.