Getting Fit & Healthy

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Ok,we’re finally ready. After three kids and years of having way to much fun prior to kids, it’s time to smarten up and get fit and healthy so we can keep up with the wee ones as they get older. We started running (well…more like walking and running), and we reluctantly cut out our nightly ice cream (except Saturdays!). We also signed up for a fabulous program by the Kettlebell Moms. It’s a really user-friendly fitness program that teaches youkettlebell exercise routines. They send us emails every Sunday with new exercises…a video and a written description of the routine. Totally love it and losing weight already. It’s fun learning something new and fitting it into our busy mommy schedule when the kids are napping. Our goal is to finish their 12 week program, get toned, and feel more energized. We’re not into major weight loss or cutting out all the treats summer has to offer, but if we lost 8lbs by the end of 12 weeks then we’d be pretty happy with that too. We’re just starting week three (got behind during a particularly ill week in the household) and we’ll update you as we move along, and at the end of 12 weeks, and also tell you more about the program as we learn more ourselves. Thus far : down 1 pound, missing Ben & Jerry, feeling sore in our legs and bottom, but quite energized.  Not too bad.