Natural & Cosy Baby Sleepwear

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Celebrity moms always seem to be in the know about what’s fabulous in the world of baby gear and clothes. No wonder Miranda Kerr and Maggie Gyllenhaal are big fans and supporters of New Zealand’s Nature Baby, a gorgeous line of baby clothes and lifestyle products that are chemical free and safer for your child. We fell for their all natural and organic sleepwear line with our first two babies and now with the third, we’re even more keen on their synthetic free and super breathable clothes. Our favorite has to be the  sleeping gown for it’s extremely soft weave and it’s fool proof simplicity for those painful 3am diaper changes. The patterns and designs are child friendly and sweet with a somewhat vintage look that’s so appealing and a nice break from cartoon characters. The full pyjama suits are great for daytime too, especially on wet rainy morning when extra cuddles are in order. Check out the red striped one, as we think it’s perfect for the upcoming Holidays.