Eco + Chic = Wean Green

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There is one thing all mommies can’t wait for…baby’s first solid meal. Dare you to go on Facebook and look through any new mommy’s photos and NOT find a pic of baby with rice cereal happily all over his face. With this in mind, it only makes sense that while feeding your baby his meals that you use a dish and container that is safe and functional. BPA’s or not, plastic just doesn’t cut it when it comes to baby’s meals and snacks. Since we were going to great lengths to make healthy meals for our baby (with the occasional jar of baby food here and there) we wanted the dishes and containers to reflect our hard work and dedication. That’s why we went with the eco friendly Wean Green feeding cubes. Made of strong tempered glass with a super durable silicone seal, these cubes and containers are perfect for anything from pureed squash to chopped up finger foods for your growing toddler.  Love the vibrant kid and mom friendly colors of the easy to remove lids.  Especially the raspberry one.  Can we confess that we’ve been stealing the sandwich size one from our kindergartener?  Well…she has two , and it fits our afternoon snack so well, and it’s just too much fun to pull out while we’re sitting in the park.  The best thing about Wean Green is that it really is made for the whole family.  Perfectly made, eco friendly containers that make lunch and snacks more fun and earth friendly for each member of the team.  The only problem so far is the “Who get’s to use the pink one…” argument at 7am.  Try ’em…you’ll never buy ziplocks again.  We swear.