Get Carried Away

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As a family, we love taking long hikes through the national parks, local green spaces and beach front trails.  With the right carrier, you can keep up with an active outdoor lifestyle even with a busy baby.  We have been using Phil & Teds Escape carrier all Fall and have to say, it just might be the most fabulous baby carrier we’ve had the pleasure of using.  The Escape has all the features we need and appreciate as parents, like it’s sturdy base, and relatively compact size.  It’s not small, but compared to other carriers out there it really takes up less precious space in our car and when we store it away.  Love the comfort that our baby has in the carrier, while remaining safely and securely strapped in, and the added foot stirrups for better circulation are an extra treat ( they also help keep the mud off mommy’s coat!).  Nothing worse then a wiggly unhappy baby half way through your family hike but with the Escape, we’ve had nothing but a content little tot.   So content and comfy that she falls asleep on our long walks.  If you are looking for a carrier and are new to the baby game, keep in mind Phil & Teds solid reputation and loyal following. They know their baby gear.