Waddler : Beautiful & Inspiring

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We were hooked on this amazing clothing line just by reading their “About” page on their intoxicating web site.  A story about a mommy and daddy ditching the London lifestyle and heading to South America with their 1 year old to make a new and exciting life.  Along the way they designed and created a natural and fair trade children’s clothing line.  Sounds fantastic, right?  Waddler’s line (baby-size 5) includes gorgeous baby Alpaca knits, hand made in Bolivia.  We were fortunate enough to get to see first hand how soft and luxurious their wool clothes are…and can we just say that we have never felt anything so cozy in our lives.  We have the patch jumper with suede elbow patches and coconut buttons. Our wee one looks super sweet and stylish wearing it and stays nice and warm on our chilly autumn strolls.  Another one of our favorites that we think would be perfect for this cold weather (and a night of Tick Or Treating) is their adorable, and very hip wolf suit. This full body hooded wolf suit has ears and knitted button and is also made of 100%  baby Alpaca wool.  It comes in winter white and grey.  Very cute and functional….two words every mommy likes to hear together.  Loved and blogged about  by the uber stylish Gwyneth Paltrow, we know that Waddler will soon be gracing the wardrobes of all the little A Listers.