Let The Countdown Begin

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How will we begin our first day of December ?  The same way we have been doing for years….by opening day 1 of our Lego Advent calender.  Perfect way to kick off the official countdown to Christmas Day.  This year the theme is Star Wars, and even though mommy (me) may not know her droids from her storm troopers we’re quite sure that it will be a huge hit with the kids.  The Lego Advent calender has become a Christmas tradition in our home, replacing the yummy chocolate one.  It only took us one holiday season and one over active 18 month old girl to discover why a calender filled with chocolate was not the best of ideas.  Not to worry if you haven’t got one yet, cause even though Lego is sold out and times ticking away, amazon has it listed as available, and it makes a great gift even if you have to catch up on the first few days you missed. The hard part will be you and the kids having enough self control not to open all 24 days at once.