What’s Black & White & Hip All Over?

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Simple & classy with a little edge thrown in for fun is what you’ll get when your baby wears threads from Rock Star Baby. This very hip and totally addictive line is from the very talented Tico Torres. Yes…that  Tico…the rocker from Bon Jovi. The reason behind his extra curricular activities as a fashion designer for children is simple. He wanted some cool clothes for his own child when he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Sounds like a lot of the hard working mom entrepreneurs we know and write about on this site. Rock Star Baby is a major collection that includes shoes, accessories, newborn & kids clothes and even some very hip blankets.  The black, white and gray color scheme works well not only because it looks modern and stylish, but it will match just about anything you already have in your baby’s wardrobe.  Also, being a parent makes you appreciate black tee shirts on a whole different level…they wash like a dream and are nearly impossible to ruin. What’s our favorite piece from the collection? We’re absolutely head over heels with the Flower and Skulls dress…sweet with a little drama thrown in for good measure. For newborns we are super into their essential starter sets. Perfect for an impressive baby shower gift as they include all the little things you need to get through a day with a new baby. It even comes gift wrapped in a very posh little black box. Too fabulous.

Get ahead start on all your Christmas shopping with this coupon code from the brilliant folks at Rock Star Baby. Just enter CBC15 for 15% off entire purchase site wide at the checkout. Thanks Tico!

One thought on “What’s Black & White & Hip All Over?

  1. Cool selections with rock n roll tastes, I gave these items for my friends and now it’s time to purchase for my own new born baby boy to be a future rock star!