This One Is A Keeper

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As a New Years resolution we’re trying to lower our impact on Mother Earth.  That means more recycling, more reusing and being more responsible with what we toss out and how we toss it out.  So far…so good…but there’s always room for improvement.  Baby & mommy have a ritual in this house of going to our local coffee house everyday after we drop our eldest off at school.  We’ve been guilty of always getting a takeout cup for our jo because as you know, babies are super unpredictable and always seem to want to leave just as you sit down and take you coat off.  A momma always has to be prepared to leave ( unexpected diaper mishaps & complete infant meltdowns can happen when you least expect it…or need it), hence the takeaway cup.  If we calculated how many cups we’ve tossed since school started in September…well…that’s just too embarrassing to admit to.  We tried using our tall stainless steel travel mug, but it’s tippy, heavy and doesn’t fit well in our buggy cup holder.  Thank goodness baby and I were sent some reusable cups from KeepCup, a fabulous Australian company dedicated to helping the environment and keeping takeout cups out of our land fills.  Keepcups are super cool looking and  more hip then your average travel mugs, and they are made to standard barrista size (that means they fit effortlessly under the espresso machine, and the barrista can make a better tasting coffee because it’s a cup size they are used to working with ).  The cups are BPA free and are very light weight.  The best part?  You get to design your own cup by choosing from different color combos, so every cup is an original.  We have a “mommy” sized one and an extra small one for our wee baby girl.  She likes her steamed milk and a warm muffin, while mommy sips her latte and skims the headlines.  It’s a morning ritual made even better now that the guilt of all those tossed out cups is a thing of the past.


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