Taking Baby To Disney…Yes You Can.

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No matter what everyone else will tell you, you’re never to young to enjoy the magic of Disney World.  People thought we were crazy for bringing our 3 month old last year and just as crazy this year for bringing her again at 15 months.  Her older siblings had a blast and we’re happy to say that she did too.  You just gotta know what to bring, how to prpare and what to expect when you take your baby along for the adventure.   While we were away last month in Orlando, we decided we would share our advice on traveling to Disney with a young family.  This isn’t a sponsored post…well…it was sponsored by mommy & daddy.

Here goes… first, don’t let anyone tell you to “wait till they are older”…every family is different, but you really never are too young to ride Dumbo (the refurbished new Dumbo ride is really awesome by the way) and see Magic Kingdom lit up at night from high in the sky.  Pure mouse powered magic.  Nothing like it.

Second ,don’t try and plan too much.  Go with some basic knowledge of the park, and know your top “must do”, but know when to leave, when to take breaks and what to leave out.  Babies can be held on most rides, so pick a few you really want to see (we HAD to do The Haunted Mansion first, total  family tradition.  Baby was easily held on my lap and totally entertained by all the ghosts) and leave some for next time.  Pushing a baby too far past nap time will ruin the day.  Take it from a mommy who has done just that.

Thirdly, use those fabulous baby centers.  All the parks have them, but the one in Magic Kingdom really is wonderful.  The quiet room to feed or nurse your baby is heaven on a hot busy day.  They sell all the basics in case you run out.  Truly a peaceful spot within all the madness.

Stop along the way to to all the rides at those little playgrounds and water parks.  Epcot had these wonderful playgrounds with all the Tinkerbell fairies that our baby and tots all loved…more then some of the rides even.  The water fountains along the way that the kids ran through were much needed to cool us all off.  Fun with a useful purpose.  Let them get wet, just pack some extra clothes and one towel and you’re set.

Also, with kids, and babies especially, it’s super important to stay hydrated and fueled up for long days at the parks.  Pack lots of snacks and water, but also stop along the way for treats. It is vacation after all. You really can’t have too many ice creams on a trip like this and how cute would a pic be of your 12 month old sneaking a few bites of Mickey’s ears?  Personally, we think the Pineapple Whip in Magic Kingdom is a total must…baby can have some real fresh pineapple while you nosh away on your ice cream.  Animal Kingdom also has a fabulous little bakery in the African area called Kusafiri and they serve some pretty decent coffee for us tired old parents too.  Baby can have one of their yummy fresh muffins while you sip your latte and the adventurous members of your group can scream their way through the Kali River Rapids.  Everyone will be happy.

So don’t let age hold you back.  Baby can have fun too.  Really.  We’re not lying.  Promise.



We Are Loving Our Bubbaccino

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We just received the coolest cups from Australia the other day. Small silicone espresso sized cups that are made for little hands.  They might just be the cutest thing ever. Seriously. These cups come in lovely shades (we heart the red one) and are completely unbreakable…music to a mommy’s ears.  Our cup pretty much bounces when it falls off the dinner table.   Totally portable, BPA and nasty chemical free, and perfect for your next visit to the local coffee shop…you can have a big girl latte and your toddler can have one too…just a wee big smaller and caffeine free.  They came in packs of three as well which we think makes them the perfect gift for a mommy who likes to take her kids to the cafe…and who doesn’t want to sweep up broken glass.