Did The Easter Bunny Find You?

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What did the Easter Bunny hide in your house today?  Yummy chocolate eggs…skip ropes and colorful sidewalk chalk?  There was all that and a little more at our house this year.  Seems the Easter Bunny stopped by Cate & Levi for a handmade, one of a kind change purse and hid it in our living room amongst all the chocolate.   Featured on Martha Stewart and loved by new daddy Elton John, we’ve been infatuated with C & L’s puppets for a while now ourselves. Love their new 2012 line of people puppets and change purses.  Each piece they make truly is an original as they’re crafted from reclaimed wool…no one will ever have the same one you do. That alone makes them a perfect present. Our favorite, besides the Bunny change purse, is the Nurse People Puppet.  Sure she’s wearing a hat…but that makes her cool in a retro Nightingale kinda way. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

One thought on “Did The Easter Bunny Find You?

  1. We kept it rather simple this year for Easter and only hid chocolate Easter eggs. The girls loved the thrill of searching for them and it filled hours upon hours to do that. I love C&L’s products. Great choice. 🙂