Rosie’s At It Again

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It’s a well know fact around here that Rosie Flo coloring books are the best around.  Her fashion themed coloring books, with dresses that you have to add the face and arms and legs yourself are so original and inspiring. It’s no small wonder then that her Coloring Fashion Show is a total hit in our house.  Take Rosie’s fashionable dresses, add a paper pop up stage and runway, add some spectators, a poodle and paper invites and voila…you’ll have the most entertaining and quite stunning afternoon art project to work on with your kids.  We loved how easy it was to construct, and that when you’re done you truly have an original piece of art that you can play with.  We added lots of little extras like red glitter glue and adhesive crowns from our art box to make it one of a kind ( we also played Madonna music and invited some Polly pockets and Star War figures to the show once we finished coloring).  The true beauty of this crafty coloring project is that you can decorate it anyway you like…use crayons or fancy markers…add feathers to their dresses or keep it simple using only neutral shades…it’s up to your wee one to create and direct their very first fashion show.  You’ll have a blast too, as we know we did. This makes a fabulous birthday gift for the 5-10 crowd.  Who doesn’t like pop up dolls and coloring?

Want to win one of Rosie’s fashion shows of your very own?  Just comment on this review and we’ll enter your name in a draw.  Simple and easy.  Bonne Chance!

28 thoughts on “Rosie’s At It Again

  1. Gosh I love your reviews!! I can just see you all decorating and coloring!!! Sounds lovely!!!

  2. My kids love those books as well. It fills out entire afternoons and I have to admit that even I enjoy doing these little art projects. It’s a perfect fit for girls since it speaks to their secret wishes of beauty.

  3. I have to say that I never heard of these coloring books, but they sound fabulous and I am sure my girls would love to have those and let their artistic side come alive. I will definitely buy one and see what we can do with them. Thanks for suggesting them here.

  4. I would love to win one of the books. I don’t have children yet, but a couple of nieces and I am pretty sure they’d be over the moon to receive a gift like this. As a guy I am always unsure what to give those girls and this sounds like a perfect idea.

  5. Oh, I’m sure my daughter would love this. She loves everything about fashion. Moreover, like many other kids, one of her favorite things to do is coloring.

  6. I am writing this for my daughter. She is standing next to me and she said to me that she really wants to win this. She loves coloring and she loves dolls.

    Maria and Rita

  7. In my opinion this isn’t just a thing which can help you to have some fun with your kids. It is also going to help your children to improve their imagination. It is a perfect tool!

  8. Haha, I would have loved to have these when I was little. I would have had a lot of fun. But, now, I can have fun with my daughter. We are going to play a lot together.

  9. These are so coloring books and am so excited that my daughter is now getting into them.

  10. It sounds great, not only to stimulate the free flowing creative thinking, but also the chance to express themselves as the paper dolls interact with each other to allow the imagination to form
    a play. It reinforces social skills in a stress free environment and not only can they develop their artistic selves but also their dramatic flair.

  11. This would definitely be a cool gift for a kid. If someone receives this, he or she will be very happy. Next time when I go to a kid’s birthday party I will take this as a gift,for sure.

  12. What is the price for this Coloring Fashion Show kit? I would really like to buy it. I have 2 daughters. 😀

  13. My kids are going to love this. I am definitely going to buy it. They love coloring books and this will be a great surprise for them.

  14. I do want to win this! Please choose me! I want to spend time with my daughter and to have some fun together!

  15. This is indeed a cool thing to do with your kids. I’m sure many of us think this way. Kids love coloring books!

  16. Great review! This looks like a great product. I love how I don’t have to spend more money on fashion items for the dolls and just let my daughters color in the clothing.

  17. Haha, this really does look fun, even to me. And on a plus side, I don’t have to spend more money on fashion accessories for my daughter’s dolls since they could just color it in!

  18. Can’t believe someone made this up till now! it sounds like a great idea and allows little kids to have fun making their own little fashion shows and creating a new type of fashion.

  19. Did not know that something like this existed. it sounds like a great way for my little kids to explore their fashion side. I’ll definitely check it out, awesome review!

  20. I love this! I don’t care how old I am, I am definitely buying this for myself and have myself a little fashion show. It sounds so much fun and I would just love designing my own style of clothing for my little models.

  21. Even coloring books are getting more complicated now. Although I’m not complaining, this sounds like a great product! Its sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

  22. Awesome review! This really does sounds so much to me. And I’m sure that I’ll also have a great time trying to make fashion models with my daughters.

  23. I’m sure that my girls would absolutely adore this! It sounds like it would allow them to try to make their own style of fashion.

  24. Great review. This really does sound like I would have a blast if I do it with my children. Hell, it would be a blast even if I do it by myself. I just love creating my own fashion style, and this would be perfect for me and my kids.