Make The Playground A Runway

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Dressing up for any occasion is fun…from playground playdates, to a fancy family wedding, putting on an elegant dress that has layers of beautiful fabric makes just about any girl and mommy smile.  We are absolutely drooling over the stunning designs from Nay et al‘s premier line, La Piccola Danza.  Flowing lightweight fabrics, amazing details, and super fun designs have us wishing for more dress up moments this summer…we may just have to parade around the local playground all fancied up in the mean time.  Our favorite creation from this particular collection is the pale pink Pleated Dress.  The frayed fringe along one side gives the dress a modern look while the soft color and classic pleats make it very kid friendly and comfy.  What does our little girl like best?  “It’s easy to twirl in”…what more do you need in a dress?

Have a look at Nay’s new designs and let us know your favorite…we can only imagine how beautiful Nay Et Al’s winter Holiday collection will be.  Our prediction is that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Piccola on the celeb babies of Hollywood mommies.  Chasing Fireflies has the Pleated dress we mentioned on sale…hurry before Suri beats you to it!