Who’s The Daddy?

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Want to make the Daddy of the household feel a little extra special on delivery day? We are loving the cool hospital scrubs from Daddy Scrubs…perfect for a day of coaching mommy through hours and hours of labor.  We know what you’re thinking…why dad?…and yes, it is all about mom & baby…but it’s kinda nice to share in some of the fun extras with Daddy to be.  You’ve probably had your delivery bag packed for months and it’s sitting by the door…filled with new outfits for baby and a new nighty for you. Packing a little something extra for dad is a great way to include him in the fun stuff (labor can have some good moments…right?).  They make a pretty fantastic pair of jammies for dad too after all the hard work on the maternity ward is done.  The more you wash them ,the softer they get. Daddy Scrubs have quite a celeb following too. From 90210’s Ian Ziering to James Vanderbeek…and serious news man John Robers too. All the A lister dads are decked out in these functional, eye catching well made scrubs.

Want to win a set of scrubs for your baby daddy?  Just “like” our facebook page and leave a comment telling us what color scrubs you want to win.  Easy peasy.Contest ends Aug,1st,2012.


Play Town By MoMa…Build A City In A Day!

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MoMa’s Play Town, Illustrated by Laura Ljungkvist

We have the perfect rainy day activity for you and the kids…and you wont need scissors or glue (or a broom after to clean up). It’s MoMa’s Play Town, a build your own city scape with buildings, streets, signs and a park.  You just fit the slots together and display your town anyway you like.  We love how colorful the buildings are with their eye catching bright patterns.  Once it’s all put together you can have your little one gather their own little cars and people to add to the city…they’ll be busy and working hard using their imagination for hours…you might even have time to sip a coffee and read a section of the paper while the kids play, mom!  It would make a brilliant display used as decoration for a childs room as well.  Functional, educational,and just plain fun.  It’s our new go present to for the upcoming Birthdays once school starts up again.


Sales Make Us Smile

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Nothing better then summer time sales.  It’s the best time to buy your tot’s back to school clothes and score some great deals.  We are currently coveting the travel themed tees at The Gap.  The Eiffel Tower and Union Jack graphics look sweet when paired with wardrobe staples like sensible cardigans and jeans.  It was difficult enough to resist before, but now that all our favorites are on sale we are quite pleased.  The 4th of July collection is marked down so low that even a Canadian mommy like moi couldn’t resist. Our absolute must have is the Ooh la la sequined tee in pink stripes.  Its the perfect mix of style and whimsy that makes it just right for your little girl.  Gap’s City Girl series of tees are on our radar too…makes us dream of travel and hopefully inspires our wee one to save her pennies for that inevitable trip to Paris.  The fact that most of these tees are on sale is just icing on the cake.