Play Town By MoMa…Build A City In A Day!

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MoMa’s Play Town, Illustrated by Laura Ljungkvist

We have the perfect rainy day activity for you and the kids…and you wont need scissors or glue (or a broom after to clean up). It’s MoMa’s Play Town, a build your own city scape with buildings, streets, signs and a park.  You just fit the slots together and display your town anyway you like.  We love how colorful the buildings are with their eye catching bright patterns.  Once it’s all put together you can have your little one gather their own little cars and people to add to the city…they’ll be busy and working hard using their imagination for hours…you might even have time to sip a coffee and read a section of the paper while the kids play, mom!  It would make a brilliant display used as decoration for a childs room as well.  Functional, educational,and just plain fun.  It’s our new go present to for the upcoming Birthdays once school starts up again.