Keep That Bum Happy

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There are few things more heartbreaking then seeing your sweet baby crying due to a red and sore bottom.  It happens in a blink of an eye to even the most diligent diaper changers.  We use nappy cream so much that we wanted to switch over to a more natural and safer balm, so that our wee one was exposed to less harmful chemicals and treated with environmentally safe products.  We’ve been fortunate enough to get to test out Indie Lee’s Baby Balm, an all natural diaper rash ointment.  It’s been super effective on our tot’s tush…especially with all the beach trips and sandy diapers lately.  Their Baby Balm is also perfect for red chins and cheeks for all the drooly teethers too, just make sure you get two pots or set some aside.  Indie Lee has lots of other all natural goodies for mom too…scrubs, oils, shampoos…pamper yourself and your baby’s bum too.