Personalized Baby Blankets With Style

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The best baby gifts are those that can last a life time…the ones that get “ohhs and ahhhs” and keep the mommies talking for days.  Our suggestion for anyone searching for the perfect gift for a new baby (or toddler, or anyone for that matter) are the stunning stroller and full sized blankets at Butterscotch Blankees.  Loved by the Kardashians, and featured on the Today Show, these blankets are super special and are certain to become a keepsake for years to come.  You choose 2 color,s an accent and main color and then you get to personalize it with the name and a date if you wish.  We like it kept simple with neutral shades and one name or the child’s initials, but  if you want to make a real statement, go wild with neons and monograms.  We went with the skull and crossbones in classic black & gray…even when our tot reaches the dreaded teenage years, we’re pretty certain he’ll still think his blanket is cool.We think that’s the best part about Butterscotch Blankees, you can make the blanket original and your own, taking into consideration the style preferences and color favorites of your wee recipient.  Plus, if it’s made it onto a Kardashian’s radar, then you know its something super lux and fabulous.